Welcome to the CMN Wiki

This page is intended to welcome new users to the CMN wiki and provide some useful information about the purpose of this wiki. The idea of the wiki is to provide a useful resource for both "reference" information about the CMN (eg a list of the equipment we have, who to contact regarding things etc), but also as a place for users of the CMN to share knowledge and technqiues that they have developed.

You can log in with University login credentials.

Everybody is encouraged to contribute and make changes where they can, from providing documents they have, to updating inaccracies, to sharing techniques they have developed etc discussions on what needs doing etc can be found at The Break Room. You can find some help on how to use the wiki in the menu at the side, and an introduction to that help here.

If there are elements of the wiki that don't seem to be working properly, extra features you'd like enabling, or a desire to help out with the admin tasks on the wiki, then contact one of the Admin team (System Administrator, Alexander Lincoln ), probably Alexander Lincoln .