New Users


This page describes the steps in the process of becoming a CMN user. It discusses the various steps of the process and hopefully provides useful information to new/potential new users.


To apply to use the CMN, please download the application form (CMN User Application Form) and have it completed by your supervisor/PI. If you're not sure what equipment/rooms you are going to use, don't worry - either fill in a best guess, or leave it empty to discuss later. Send the completed application form, either digitally or physically to Alexander Lincoln . Firefox users may have trouble with the link for the form. Right click the link, save as, and rename the save to "CMN Application.pdf" or similar.

Be aware that the CMN has an access charge for users. If there are any questions about this, please have whoever is responsible for your budget discuss this with Ernie Hill .

Note for NGI users

The below paragraph does not apply during the ongoing NGI cleanroom disruption

Users of the National Graphene Institute clean rooms need to obtain additional permission from Ernie Hill. This can be via email conversation. The initial contact should explain why the prospective user's work cannot be carried out solely in the NGI, as using two cleanrooms generates considerable additional costs. This does not apply to students on the NOWNANO program.


Upon acceptance of your application to use the CMN, it's necessary to arrange an induction. Contact Alexander Lincoln  to arrange this. At your induction, you will have the rules of the CMN explained to you, the clean room gowning process demonstrated, and given a tour of the facilities. Safety facilities and rules will also be explained.

It is also necessary for new users to have completed the "IT Building Induction" and "Use of Clean Room Facilities" on the CMN Process Safety Documentation site. Reading this documentation before your induction will reduce the delay before you can access the cleanrooms.

Following successful completion of both the induction and the relevant process safety sections, access to the CMN facilities will be granted and added to your student/staff card.

Use of Equipment

Use of all equipment in the CMN is dependent on receiving training on that specific item of equipment. To see who is authorized to carry out training, look at the relevant wiki page for that equipment item, or at the log book next to the item.

If you have any questions or problems with equipment, or are concerned that equipment may be damaged, do not continue regardless. Ask a responsible user or trainer of the equipment for help, and report any faults/problems to both the responsible user and Alexander Lincoln . You can also create a log of the problem on the wiki, to ensure it is visible and recorded.

Getting set up with IT

A few IT-related tasks will help you make the most of the CMN:

  • Making sure you read the appropriate processes on the CMN Processes Site
  • Getting access to the CMN Data Store for moving data to and from the cleanrooms (should be taken care of at induction)
  • Creating an account on this wiki (should be taken care of at induction)
  • Making sure you are on the CMN Mailing List for imporant announcements


Making use of the Wiki

Please see General Wiki Help for a more complete overview of how to use the wiki and contribute. Feel free to start changing things as soon as you want.

This page is intended to welcome new users to the CMN wiki and provide some useful information about the purpose of this wiki. The idea of the wiki is to provide a useful resource for both "reference" information about the CMN (eg a list of the equipment we have, who to contact regarding things etc), but also as a place for users of the CMN to share knowledge and techniques that they have developed.

If you're new to the CMN, then you should have an account for the wiki set up at your induction, which will let you view all pages.

Everybody is encouraged to contribute and make changes where they can, from providing documents they have, to updating inaccuracies, to sharing techniques they have developed etc discussions on what needs doing etc can be found at The Break Room. You can find some help on how to use the wiki in the menu at the side, and an introduction to that help here.

If there are elements of the wiki that don't seem to be working properly, extra features you'd like enabling, or a desire to help out with the admin tasks on the wiki, then contact one of the Admin team (System Administrator, Alexander Lincoln ), probably Alexander Lincoln .