CMN Processes Safety System


The CMN retains an online repository of all the relevant safety documentation, including risk assessments, COSHH forms, MSDS and process instructions. Before undertaking any process in the CMN, the relevant documentation should be read, and confirmed as having done so.

Note that acknowledging having read documents on the process website is considered a signature, and is logged and recorded.

Access is controlled using standard University login.

How to Use


Go to https://staffnet.cs.manchester.ac.uk/acso/cmnprocesses/homepage.php?categoryid=1 and when prompted, provide your normal IT services login credentials. If you are alreayd logged in to another shibboleth service, it may not be necessary to log in again.

Getting Certified

Click on "Become certified for a Process".

Next you should get a link of processes (in no particular order).  Scroll through to find the one you are interested in. Click on the item of interest, then click on "become certified". 

This  should bring up a description of the process, which you should read. At the bottom will be listed any relevant additional documents, with check marks to indicate if you have read them or not. Any documents that you haven't read, click on them to display. Once you finish reading them, confim this by clicking the check box "I have read and understand this document" and then the button "Record that I have read this document". Note that this is considered a digital signature, and can be used as evidence that you have in fact read the relevant safety information.

This will then return you to the process page. Continue to read all required documents for the process. One you have read all the relevant documents, click "I have read the process description and all the associated documentation" to check the box, then the "Record that I have completed the process" button. Your clearance for this process will now be logged.

Reviewing Previously Viewed Documents

This is useful for if you've either forgotten (or just want to check) anything, or you have reason to beleieve something has changed.

Just click "View proceses I am Certified for" on the home page, then click on any documents to review them.